Inkluderande musiksessioner, specialpedagogik i musik

Av Anna Petersson & Elin Trygg

This study addresses the problem of how preschool teachers deal with children’s differences but at the same time steer towards specific knowledge. The purpose of the following qualitative study, which is implemented as a student-initiated formative development work, is to investigate and analyze music sessions with music as goal, planned and implemented based on a didactic and special educational perspective focusing on the inclusion of all children. The study is conducted from a music didactic perspective and is based on a special educational perspective. The analysis of the empirics is largely based on Carlsson & Nilholms (2004) different approaches to the concept of inclusion, Nilholm’s (2005) proposal for a third special educational perspective, the dilemma perspective and Holmberg’s (2014) concept regarding music activities: The focused content, staging and actors. The results show that the importance of planning for an inclusive music session is high and that the design of the physical environment affects children’s opportunity for inclusion. Aspects such as time and repetitions as well as clarity in the form of visual elements such as clear facial acumen and props emerge as important prerequisites for inclusion, as well as the music session’s structure around narrative, images, song and movement. Discussions are about the complexity of the concept of inclusion and the dilemma that may arise in the position of implementing adjustments based on individuals or based on what is considered best for the majority of the group. The study results in the conclusion that a linear working method (Holmberg 2014) largely forms the basis for inclusion of all children in the group

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