Hur används delaktighet och inflytande i förskolan?

Av Olga Taha Hassan & Melidona Thamnidou

The study is about the influence and participation of preschool children in the everyday life at the preschool. We try to find out if the preschool children have chances to participate actively and to influence the routines and content of their school. Furthermore, we want to find out how the teachers experience the influence and participation of the preschool children at their work in connection with democracy. We made observations in different preschools in Skåne and we spoke with preschool teachers in order to hear their opinions about our subject. We based our analysis on Dewey’s theory to help us understand the situations we observed. The result of our study is that influence and participation are terms with similar meaning some times in the swedish preschools. The conversation helps the children by expressing their ideas to have more influence and to be active in activities that they can organise with the teachers. Documentation give the children another chance to reflect over the things they see in pictures and to develop their speech abilities. Lastly, the preschool’s material and environment has a very big impact on the children’s influence and participation.

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