Vad händer med berättelsen när boken stängs?

Av Anna Eriksson & Ottilia Gyllin

The purpose with the present study is to study a selection of preschool teachers in order to reveal their perspectives on pedagogical work with stories beyond the physical book, and the use of books in a multimodal perspective. The empirical material in the present qualitative study consists of qualitative interviews with semi structural character that has been assessed through a sociocultural perspective as well as literacy and multimodal theories. The results of the study highlight the preschool teachers’ reasoning about stories’ postproduction, the value of the story, literacy in a relation to the curriculum, multimodality and how the pedagogical work is regarded in the child group. The most significant conclusion of the reasoning of the preschool teachers is that time is not enough due to all aspects that have to be covered, which can be displayed as a higher amount of goals of ambition in the curriculum. Therefore, priorities have to be made and the stories happen to be downgraded. A further conclusion is the preschool teachers’ dedication to bring stories out of the books, and that the pedagogical work is seen in the child group through play. Reasonings about the multimodal work show encouragement of combined indication worlds, but the digital can never replace the role of the physical book in the preschool world.

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