Barns begränsade lek

Av Kim J Björnberg & Emelie Nygren-Bonnier

The purpose of this study is to look at the children’s free play and the free plays limits. What are the educaters intentions with free play, and what kind of activities do the children choose during free play? To answer these questions, we have been using a qualitative study and been interviewing educators about the free play and observing the children in their free play. These interviews and observations were done at a small preschool in southern Sweden. We have looked at the children’s environment and the limits that exist. The interviews and observations has been analyzed and transcribed by us with help from two theories. We have used Michael Foucault and his theory about power and Daniel Sterns theory about the sense of self. The study ends with a result section about how the children’s free play is affected by the limits created by the adults because of different causes.

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