Anmälningsplikten i förskolan

Av Amanda Lenander & Sandra Mårtensson

We wanted to examine the knowledge preschool teachers have about the mandatory reporting when children are being maltreated. We have used the Attachment theory and the Communication theory in our study to help us analyse the results. Qualitative method was used in our study made with interviews from a couple of preschool teachers of their knowledge about the mandatory reporting about maltreatment of children. Some of these answers may explain why preschool teachers reports the least amount of the cases brought to attention among other professions such as police, teachers, nurses etc. Some of the results were; they already had a good relation to the children´s parents and therefore were split in loyalty, some of the preschool teachers have had a bad experience before with threatening parents and let it influence their decision to report, others have said that both families and the preschool teachers lived near the preschool which made everything more difficult, even so in a smaller town, where everyone knows each other. Of course, this is only a couple of preschool teacher´s experiences and perceptions about the mandatory reporting about maltreatment of children, and therefore do not represent all preschool teachers in Sweden.

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