”Visst var min låt asabra?”

Av Vanessa Sundblad & Linn Wik

In an attempt to contribute variation in music activities in preschool, this study intends to explore alternative music didactics in such a context. Based on previous studies within the current field (Holmberg, 2014; Still, 2011) music activities in preschool tend to be dominated by singing in a reproductive way. The aim of this study is to describe and analyse the relation between alternative music didactics and children’s altered actorship through planning and implementation of music activities based on the following music didactic concepts and function categories: reproduction, production, perception, interpretation and reflection. During a three-week period of time five music activities were conducted at the preschool department in a Swedish primary school located in southern Europe with children aged three to six years. The main method of empirical collection was participant observations and video recording while field notes served as a complement to the recorded material. Central concepts are derived from a music didactic perspective (Nielsen, 2006) along with actorship (Holmberg, 2014) which together form the basis of the theoretical resource used for the analysis. The results show that the function category provides guidance in the didactic considerations made regarding the design of a music activity. It can thus open up to alternative ways of planning as well as implementation and be inspirational concerning critical review of the preschool practice. Furthermore, findings show that children’s altered actorship occurs in all the five music activities, but different function categories tend to invoke various types of actorships.

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