Hallå, varför säger ni inget?

Av Sara Birath & Unni Ådin

This qualitative study is based on a complex of problems relating to children’s different preconditions to apprehend verbal communication, in combination with the fact that musical activities to a great part is communicated through verbal semiotic resources. The intention of the study is to draw attention to children’s altered actorship in relation to three different semiotic resources and to discuss how we can create musical activities that allows every child to approach it with a varied form of actorship. Activities where the questions “how and who” was approached from a perspective of music didactics have been carried out in two different preschools where the participants where children aged one and five. The music sessions consisted of a percussion orchestra communicated through the semiotic resources where we in different ways let the children participate in different roles. The empirical data has been collected through video observations of the activities, from witch a transcription was made. Semiotic rescources, multimodality, music didactics and actorship form the basis of this study’s theoretical frame of reference and the concepts used for analysing the results. The analysis of the study shows that the children’s linguistic development influenced their capabilities to apprehend articulated musical concepts and therefore contributes to the child’s actorship. Also the results show how some children to a greater degree embrace the instructions that are given through physical semiotic resources, while some show a greater understanding through verbal semiotic resources as a way of communicating. This affected the children’s capabilities to participate in varied forms of actorship. The analysis further shows the significance of spatial semiotic resources for the child and it’s actorship, for example how the amount of a specific artefact, in this case an instrument, can contribute to the child’s capability to participate in the actorship.

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